Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back At It

Today we went for a walk on the Lickinghole Basin Trail.  Scruggs and Chris in attendance.  Chris is thinking of starting his own blog with which to post reviews of video games.  He's very excited and promises to get straight A's next report card.  Jess made a hula-hoop and planted some spinach and beets.  Bill is obsessed with cameras at the moment.  And Scruggs is tired.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beautiful Monday

Today was a perfect spring day; in the 70's , sunny, and crisp. After work, I picked up some slug repellant, a few annuals for my last clay pot, and a new basil plant. Once I changed into my gardening gear, I spent a while planting, watering, and repelling slugs. Bill and I fertilized the garden, pulled some weeds, and then put up almost (!) the rest of the pickets. We ate a big bunch of sauteed spinach for dinner; we have to cook it since it's been munched on by slugs, as you can see here:
We planted bulbs, annuals, and some dahlias along the garden fence:
The lawn is looking green and lush, and Bill is excited to walk on it:
Beginning of June:
I've never grown potatoes before, but ours sure do look like they know what they are doing (see them on the right?)!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talking about water

Today is Thursday, the first day with no rain since last Sunday. I have harvested spinach and herbs twice in the last week, and everything is growing and filling in so nicely with all the rain. The potatoes look like something out of a catalogue, which is a nice change from the spinach and lettuce leaves that are being ravaged by slugs. Bill has mentioned getting some pesticide for the slugs, and I am almost willing to do it, just so we will have leafy veggies to eat for the next few weeks.
The beans, peas, and tomatoes are looking super, while the marigolds, peppers, and carrots appear pretty weak.
I really want to take some photos, but we are at a time of camera transition, so I keep forgetting. Bill got a beautiful new camera set up, so in the future, our garden photos may very well look like something you'd see in a magazine. I suppose I should whip up some Martha outdoor seat cushions and matching placemats......just in case Home and Garden sees this blog.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

After a seemingly long hiatus.... I have missed you in these last few weeks.
While traveling and busy with work, the garden has exploded with sprouts and flowers. The squash plants are pushing out their papery yellow flowers and the beans are sporting little white and purple ones. The lettuce and spinch have made a few meals already, for us as well as for some slugs, I think. The corn and potatoes have popped up and most of the tomato plants look strong and motivated.

The flat-fenced garden behind the garden-proper appears to be surviving thus far. The herbs and squash/watermelon/pumpkin plants next to the house look pretty good as well, perhaps a little sun-deficient.

Today, I am going to buy a wheelbarrow! I am very excited. Tomorrow, I will work on mulching the big beds, planting some donated bulbs and iris, and pulling weeds. I'll try to take some photos later so that you can check out the splendid progress!

Happy Memorial Day/ Weekend!! jem

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today is Thursday and it has been raining since last Saturday evening. I am glad everything is getting plenty of rain, especially since we planted so many things last Saturday, but I sure do miss the spring-time sunshine. I think that it will make an appearance this weekend.
Garden tasks that need to be done in the next 2 weeks:
  • Finish garden fence and pickets
  • Stake the tomatoes
  • Plant annual flower seeds around garden perimeter
  • Pick/thin baby spinach, lettuce, and beets
  • Plant more lettuce (?)
  • Move transplanted liriope
  • Mulch around trees and in beds
  • Kill poison ivy in old iris bed
  • Pull weeds in garden

That looks like a good list for now :) I'm just hoping that the grass will dry out enough for me to mow it tomorrow.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back in the gardening saddle

We had a fantastic trip to San Francisco and Yosemite. I think that Bill would have stayed in Yosemite Valley for the remainder of Spring if he could have. He took some amazing photos!

But now we are back, and we arrived home to a very overgrown lawn and a garden in need of some attention. After a full Saturday of planting, weeding, watering, and mulching, I think we have done a great job.

The peas are coming along very well. The two pepper plants that Mom gave us made it through the 90-degree weather last week and are looking strong:

We got everything planted in the garden today! Our starts of squash, melon, and tomatoes went in, and Chris even made a little garden plot for himself. This year, he will be growing carrots, potatoes, and cucumbers (all 3 of which we are having for dinner tonight!):

I got some herbs and marigolds for our small container garden on the deck. I also put squash and herbs mixed in with the iris. We'll see if they get enough sun:

Because we have such a plethorea of squash, pumpkin, and cucumber seedlings, we decided to put some behind the garden as well. We have heard that deer do not like to walk on wire mesh when it is flat on the ground, so we are giving that a shot:
Despite the unseasonably hot weather while we were gone, our shady stream area has really perked up, and our transplanted Hostas look great:
Tomorrow may be rainy, and I will gladly accept the break. But if it is a nice day, I have a pile of mulch calling my name....jem

Monday, April 20, 2009

Soggy with inspiration

It's another rainy Monday, but the weekend was clear and dry and toasty. We spent Saturday afternoon working in the yard; speading mulch, painting and installing fence pickets, transplaning iris, planting a small redbud tree, and planting some hostas that came from the neighbor (seen above in the "before-n-after" photo). I am anxious to mow the lawn, but I am holding off until it grows a few more inches. Our lawn is no work of art; it's a mix of grass and weeds and small spring flowers. I don't mind, as long it keeps the mud off my feet and gives Chris a place to play. On Sunday, we visited five gardens as part of the Historic Garden Tour. In short, I would have to say that it was a moderately inspirational adventure; but not as remarkable as the bulb tour last weekend.

In 3 days, we head to California. I am certain we will visit a garden or two on our trip. :) jem